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Looking to sell your home?

Selling your home can be an overwhelming process. It may be in your interest to consider hiring a real estate professional to list your home; as a alternative you can choose to sell your home by yourself. Regardless you will need to know how the process works

Research your local market

How much are comparative properties selling for? What state is your local market in, Buyers' market? Sellers' market? Balanced market? etc.. Proper market knowledge is key when preparing to list your property.

Know your property

If you are not already, familiarize yourself with the facts about your property; property taxes, zoning, RMS square footage, lot size, etc..

Set your price

Once you have researched your local market and found what comparative properties are selling for set a realistic price. A real estate professional will do a comparative market analysis.

Perform a walk-through of your property

Walk through your property in the eyes of a prospective buyer


Are the paint and finishes in good condition?

Are all light fixtures working?

Are the carpets and flooring clean and in good condition?

Do you have any clutter? A clutter free and clean environment is helpful for prospective buyers to envision there own belongings in it

Are all surfaces wiped down and clean?

Are all bathroom fixtures free of stains?


Is the lawn and landscaping attractive and well maintained? Is your grass cut

During the winter months make sure to have your driveway shoveled and lay salt down to prevent ice on walkways

Does your home have good curb appeal? Is there any toys, garbage, etc. in your front yard?

Are all outside light fixtures working?

Is the front door and windows attractive and clean?


When listing your home with a real estate professional your home will be put on the MLS system. The MLS is the most powerful marketing system, it maximizes exposure to prospective buyers.

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