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Looking to buy a home?


Establishing a price range is key to making your buying experience smooth. You'll avoid being disappointed when you find a home that you love but is out of your price range. With Pre-Approval the buyer applies for a mortgage and receives a commitment from the lender on how much you can afford. Meet with a mortgage broker at the start of your home buying experience!

Know What You Need

You need to love the home you are buying, but you also need to consider: Does this home have everything you need? Does it have enough bedrooms? Is it close to schools? Etc..

Be Thorough

Don't rush through your buying experience. Make sure you do your due diligence on making sure the home you want is what you expect. Include the proper conditions

Financing, property inspection, sale of buyers home, approval of condominium documents, city approval to build/expand, review of the Real Property Report etc.. Are all common conditions that you need to consider when buying a home

Have the property inspected by a professional. The relatively small amount an inspection costs can save you endless amounts of stress and money in the future

Representation From a Professional

All of the above may seem overwhelming. Consider hiring a Real Estate Professional. Buying a home is likely going to be one your biggest investments.

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